Starting Over

Hello! Welcome back! Obviously lots of big changes going on here at Wheatfoot – which only took around 8 million hours on the phone with Godaddy, and lots of tears on my end! But alas, here we are again, and I. Am. Pumped.

I have saved all my previous posts, so I might intersperse those in here every now and again, but mostly this will be all new content, relaying my current and past adventures, and general musings on what it’s like to be a single 30-something navigating her way through life.

To bring you up to speed on where I’m currently at:
I’m living and working in Wichita, Kansas.
I’m teaching high school Spanish.
I’m waiting tables at a taco bar.
I’m teaching English online to adorable Chinese students. (Yes, if you’re counting, that makes job number 3.)
I’m sharing a house with my cousin (another single 30-something), and our two adorable puppies (which may or may not be approaching the ripe old age of 12!!!!).
I’m adventuring every chance I get (heading to Albuquerque this week for the hot air balloon fiesta, Lindsborg in 2 weeks for Svensk Hyllningsfest, New York in December, Costa Rica in March, and who knows what all in between).
I’m still (amazingly) participating in a 5am exercise group with a personal trainer – just celebrated my 2 year anniversary (quite an accomplishment for this self-proclaimed hater of exercise).
I’m still (not-so-amazingly) figuring out what to do with my life/where to live and/or adventure next.

So…yeah…I think that about covers it. Thanks for stopping in and I’ll talk to ya soon!

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