Now that I’m finally out of school, I can update everyone on what I’m doing! Which, honestly, I’m not really so sure about! Yay making huge life choices without clear ideas in mind!

Here’s my tentative plan:
Live in Barcelona 6 months of the year.
Live in Wichita 6 months of the year.
Teach online for 4 hours a day.
Figure out some other online business/way of making money.
Enjoy life.

So what spurred this on?

Well, I’m happy to report that in the past 9 months alone, I have paid off over $32,000 in credit card debt (boo to living on credit cards for a year of grad school), car loan debt, and student loan debt. I am not so happy to report that I did this at the expense of my will to live. This year was seriously hard y’all. Working 7 days a week, starting at 4:30am, and over 70 hour weeks is awful. Not only because it is just physically and mentally exhausting, but because literally no one else I hang out with knows what it was like and would get super annoyed at me when I wouldn’t hang out on Friday or Saturday nights because I had to work, or past 8:30pm on weeknights because it was getting too close to bedtime.

Deciding not to go back to teach at South was an extremely difficult decision for me. Once I started seeing a dent in my debt I was very tempted to keep going. (I still have a looooooonnnnnnngggg way to go on my student loans, and seeing how much I could have saved up in a year was making me salivate.) However, I also realized that what I was doing was not very sustainable, and really was no way to live. I couldn’t truly see this on my own though, so I recruited the help of a therapist. She is amazing, and is the only person to make me feel like a competent adult. I obviously haven’t worked out all the details, but I already feel a thousand pounds lighter.

I love and adore my family. I do not necessarily love and adore my home country. Obviously it has afforded me some opportunities I wouldn’t have gotten being from some other countries, but it also has some major problems. There are many reasons I left Barcelona 6 years ago, but the main reason was always my family. What I didn’t realize until after the move though, was that I had gained a new family in Barcelona, and now spent my time in The States missing them. I have always been a restless soul (if Xanga still existed – RIP – that would be all the proof you need) but having my heart split between two places made it worse. I yearn to go back to Barcelona, but also know that as soon as I’m back there I will be yearning for my family back here, so splitting my time between the 2 seemed like the best compromise I could come up with. My second little niece or nephew will be here in October and I don’t want to miss out on a relationship with the little one. But I also miss my little ones in Spain – they just sent me the most adorable video of them dancing in Flamenco dresses at the Feria de Abril, and I just can’t even. It is a never ending tug-of-war.

The main reason this is even an option for me right now is because of my job at VIPKID. I have talked about this company before, but that’s only because it’s one of the best things to ever happen to me. I will not be a millionaire doing this, but I can make a decent amount only working part time, it allows me to work from anywhere in the world, it gives me time to actually enjoy my family and friends, and it gives me time to search out what I really want to do/explore some passions. And for now, I think that’s enough.

So that’s it. That’s all I’ve got for my “master plan” so far. Just figuring the rest out as I go. I guess stay tuned to see what happens…

2 thoughts on “Barce-home-a”

  1. I have been creepily wondering from a distance on Facebook what your plans were, and hoping for you to post a blog post soon and explain ha! This is awesome for you! Congrats! I can’t wait to see you’re adventure unfold!
    Also I will be in Barcelona in July for my EF Tour and might hit you up if we have any free afternoons for café con leche or sangria!

    1. Hey! Yes, I’ve been meaning to write something for a while, but end of year stuff is always so all-consuming! I would love to meet up in BCN! I will be on the Faroe Islands July 10-16, but otherwise should be there!

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